Outlet panels


What is the purpose of electrical outlet panels?

This has probably happened to you too. You are sitting at the desk and your phone is out of battery. You have a charger in your hand, wondering where to plug it. The computer uses one outlet by the desk, the printer uses the other outlet and you need to have your phone at hand. Or a different situation. You are sitting with your colleagues in the meeting room. One of them wants to charge their laptop, another one needs to connect to the network, the other wants to connect to the TV… Too many demands, too few sockets.

The solution to such problems is electrified connection panels. Thanks to them, you will have 230 V, as well as USB, HDMI, data connections and VGA at your disposal.

The fastest and simplest solution are connection panels that are installed in the grommet hole in your desk worktop. Simply take out the grommet and replace it with the PGCZ 022 round panel with one electrical outlet, USB charger and USB 3.0. This is all at your hand, and it looks nice as well.

Panel PGCZ 022 do průchodkyPanel PGCZ 022 do průchodky

Is one socket not enough? Then choose PECZ 001 which offers two sockets and double USB on top of that. It is attached to the worktop edge.

Electrical rotating outlet panels are a “higher level”. A hole has to be cut in the worktop for their installation. Its placement is up to you. And why a rotating one? Because when you are not using the panel, the outlets are facing the floor and only the elegant cover is visible on the worktop. When you need the outlets, you press a button, the panel rotates and offer you the connection points.

Otočný panel zavřenýOtočný panel otevřený

The outlet configuration is fixed by the manufacturer; you choose the model that has connection points according to your needs. For example, a panel designated BTCZ 014 offers 230 V, LAN, VGA, USB and HDMI. However, if you only need electrical connections, BTCZ 010 is ideal for you as it has four of them. Our offer includes 18 types so there’s plenty to choose from.


If you want to choose the combination of connection points yourself, we can offer you our configurable connection panels. One half of them offers fixed electrical connections, while the other half is free space where you can place connection point modules. There are 8 (?) module at your disposal which you can combine with each other as you wish. They are not rotating, only fixed or pull-out, and it is necessary to cut a hole in the desk worktop for their installation.

Výměnné moduly KPK do panelů KPPKPP 4

So, no more hopeless search for a free outlet! Concentrate on more important things.


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